Google Search Console


Downloading the keyfile (authorization JSON file)

(You don’t need to repeat this step if you already did it when configuring Google Analytics)

  1. Go to Google APIs Credentials.
  2. Select Service account key.
  3. Create a new service account.
  4. Select the role Project -> Viewer for a read access only.
  5. Add a name.
  6. Click on the button create.
  7. Save the Service account ID somewhere. We will need it later.
  8. Download the JSON file. Its path need to be specified in the config of your DevDash dashboard.

Pulling data from Google Search Console

  1. Go to your Google Search Console account
  2. Click the property you want to access with DevDash.
  3. Click on Settings in the menu on the left.
  4. Click on Users and permissions and add a user with the Service Account ID as email address (see step 7 of Downloading the authorization JSON file above).

Service configuration

        keyfile: goanalytics-abc123.json

Widgets available

Name Description
gsc.table_pages Display clicks, impressions, ctr, position for pages
gsc.table_queries Display clicks, impressions, ctr, position for queries
gsc.table Display theoretically any dimension from Google Search Console on a given time period

Widget Options

Table widgets

Name Description Default value Examples Not used by
start_date Start date of time period 7_days_ago 2018-01-01, 2_weeks_ago
end_date End date of time period today 2018-01-31, 2_weeks_ago
metrics Google Search Console metrics (multiple values possible separated with comma) clicks,impressions,ctr,position query, page gsc.table_pages
dimension Google Search Console dimension (multiple values possible separated with comma) quert, 2018-01-31, 2_weeks_ago
orders Order of the result (multiple values possible separated with comma) sessions desc sessions desc,page_views asc. page_views
filters Filter the default dimension (prefix - to exclude) value, -super value
row_limit Limit the number of rows 5 5, 100
character_limit Limit the number of characters for the first column (dimension) 1000 100, 200