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DevDash is a highly configurable terminal dashboard for developers and creators.

It will allow you to choose and display the most up-to-date metrics you need, at one place, from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Github
  • Travis-ci
  • Feedly
  • Output of shell commands from your local computer or a remote system (via SSH)

The data will be automatically refreshed while you’re doing other productive tasks.

  • To get started and creating your first dashboard, or see DevDash in action with many examples (including their configuration), it’s over there.
  • If you search the complete reference for DevDash dashboard’s configuration, you need to click on this link.
  • In order to change the display of your widgets (colors or size), you can directly go here.
  • Finally, to understand how to use time period for many widgets in DevDash, you can go there.

example of real DevDash dashboard