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DevDash is a highly configurable terminal dashboard for developers.

It will allow you to choose and display the most up-to-date metrics you need, at one place, from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Github

The data will be automatically refreshed while you’re doing other productive tasks.

  • To get started and creating your first dashboard, or see DevDash in action with many examples (including their configuration), it’s over there.
  • If you search the complete reference for DevDash dashboard’s configuration, you need to click on this link.
  • In order to change the display of your widgets (colors or size), you can directly go here.
  • Finally, to understand how to use time period for many widgets in DevDash, you can go there.

Do you have ideas for new features? Do you need any help? Do you want to be part of the DevDash community? Come participate on DevDash’s Discord channel.

example of real DevDash dashboard