A theme is a blueprint for any widget. It can have any option and can be reused across widgets.

For example:

  - name: DevDash
        token: 1234
        owner: Phantas0s
        repository: devdash
        # Everything is yellow except the title color / bar color.
        color: yellow
        title_color: red
        bar_color: green
        bar_gap: 1
        border_color: green
        row_limit: 10
        border_color: blue
        num_color: black
        bar_color: cyan
        title_color: magenta
        bar_gap: 1

The themes with the name ocean can be used for any widget, as following:

- row:
    - col:
        size: 6
        - name: github.bar_views
          theme: ocean

The widget github.bar_views will inherit the options defined by the theme ocean.

A theme can have reserved names: bar, table and box. These are the names of the different widget types in Devdash, too.

If a theme has one of these reserved name, every widget of the type will inherit the theme’s options. For example, if you have a theme bar, every bar widget will have the options of the theme.

If the widget and the widget’s theme have options in common, the widget’s options will override the ones from the theme.