Configuration Reference

You will find here an exhaustive reference for every options you can use in DevDash configurations, for every project, service and widget.

This section will explain:

  • The highest configuration level, namely the general options for your dashboard.
  • The second level is the project configuration, where you will configure its title and declare its services.
  • The third and fourth levels are the configuration of the services themselves and their widgets.

If you’re unsure how a configuration file should look like, you can look at simple configuration examples. You can as well find real life use-cases with their complete dashboard configurations.

Many screenshot are included for you to see directly how DevDash can look like.

DevDash Widgets

Each widget depend on a service: the name of the widget will determine the service links to it.

For example, the widget ga.bar_pages will belong to the service google_analytics (ga).

Here are the different services you can find in the widget’s names:

Identifier service
ga Google Analytics
gsc Google Search Console
github Github

The second part of the widget name, bar in ga.bar_pages determine the widget type.

DevDash Configuration Structure

This schema illustrate the different levels a DevDash configuration has.

  • A dashboard can have one or multiple projects. The name of the project will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • A project can have one or multiple services. Often a service will require authorization credentials or other information many widgets possibly use.
  • The widgets are linked to services. These widgets needs to be positioned following a grid with rows and columns.

schema of DevDash configuration